About Us

Meat & Trade

The biggest emphasis is given to cooperation with meat industries, but beside them, we also  cooperate with confectionery, dairy and snack  industries.

“Meat & Trade” is a private company that has been supplying the food industry in the country and the region for about 30 years.

In addition to the quality of the products we offer, great attention is paid to the highly trained staff of our technologist-commercialists who are ready to respond at all times to the client’s requirements regardless of the level of complexity.
In the beginning of 2017, excellent cooperation with companies from Russia and China on whose markets we have already begun setting up our finished products.

Our Team

The responsible people behind our company.

Branislav Pejić


Milorad Pejić


Jelena Latinović

Technological support

Branislav Kolar

Technological support

Vesna Janković

Director of production

Milijana Cvijetić

Comercial support

Marija Mladenović

Financial sector

Ksenija Hadzistević

Financial sector

Branislav Vojnović

Director of Logistics